Base camp management

Our approach goes beyond ordinary services to elevate basic life management to an exceptional experience. Contact us to find out how we can customise our services to meet your specific needs.


Personalised Canteen

In the demanding field of base management, our expertise in collective catering comes into its own. Drawing on our experience and continuous improvement actions, we offer fully personalised canteen management for both workers and managers. From energetic breakfasts to deliciously prepared dinners, we define the variety, quality and quantity in line with the specific expectations of each base.

Evolved Laundry Services & Redefined Cleanliness

Your comfort is our priority. To meet your laundry needs, we go beyond the standard. Offering a complete range of equipment and materials, we install customized solutions to suit the type and frequency laundry required by our customers. From the simplicity of hand-washing and manual drying to the sophistication of industrial service, our scalable offers are adapted to your requirements. In our commitment to the well-being of base residents, our cleaning service transcends standards. From basic cleaning to disinfection, we redefine cleanliness to create impeccable, healthy spaces. Our dedicated team ensures that every corner reflects the quality and care we bring to base management.

Energy & Waste - Desinfection & Pest control Services - Green space

Optimise energy use in your facilities with our efficient-energy solutions. We implement measures to reduce energy consumption, contributing to more responsible and sustainable management. Waste management is an essential component of our integrated approach to living facilities. We implement strategic actions for the collection, recycling and recovery of your waste. Through strategic partnerships and optimised processes, we make an active contribution to preserve the environment. Your environment must be free of nuisance. Our desinfection and pest control approach combines advanced pest control methods to ensure the safety, health and well-being of your residents. Targeted interventions ensure a healthy environment that complies with health standards. We create pleasant living spaces with our green space management services. We design, maintain and develop green areas to provide your teams with soothing outdoor environments.